June 29, 2010

Zoya - Salma/Sparkle Gloss Top coat

yay, more Zoya! i also got my exchange polishes the other day, so you can expect to see more Zoya for awhile :D the ones i got are:


i had to only get 8, which was a LOT harder than i thought it would be. but i'm really happy with what i got, so it's all good. anyway, here's two coats of Salma with one coat of Sparkle Gloss topcoat (which i found at Goodwill for $1.99!):

Salma is a warm shimmery red with a teeny bit of brown. Sparkle Gloss is a sheer top coat with small particles of glitter, that for some reason would just NOT cover the tips of my nails. maybe i got too much on the brush, i know the Zoya shimmers i have tend to do that sometimes. i don't know if this functions as a real top coat (as opposed to just using it to layer over polishes), so i used Seche Vite anyway. i'll try and get some more backlog up tonight/tomorrow, and i'm doing a red creme comparison soon, i only have five of those so that should be pretty easy!

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