June 20, 2010

Pinta/Mad as a Hatter

i wanted to layer MaaH over something that wasn't black, but also something that would coordinate. so i decided on Zoya's Pinta, which is a dark purple that does appear black in some lights, but mostly you can see the purple in it. it's one coat of Pinta (which has a really good formula by the way, although i haven't had a Zoya creme with a bad formula!), and i think one coat of MaaH.

indoors, no flash. this is how it usually looked (in most indoor light, anyway).

indoors, flash. i used the flash and made it bigger so you could see the glitter better. sorry about the tip shrinkage! glitters dry faster than normal polish, plus i think i used an older bottle of Seche Vite so that didn't really help.

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