October 15, 2009

MAC - Dry Martini

i have a few pictures to put up since i last posted, there was more but after looking at a few of them again...yikes. anyway, here's one of my favorite colors, MAC's Dry Martini from the Jin Soon collection. sorry about the tipwear, i had this on for a few days before I remembered to get a picture of it. this is 3 coats, indoors.

it's a little darker IRL. you could use 2 coats for this, but they'd have be thicker since at first this color looks really gross (which you can kind of see at the base of my nail where i didn't cover up the first coat). there is a little streakiness, but it's evened up by the 3rd coat. i love wearing shades like this, i'm so glad i got it!

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