July 26, 2010

Zoya - Nina/Rage Konad

does anyone else wonder who Zoya names their polishes after? i can't think of any famous Ninas off the top of my head, so i'm going with Nina Williams from Tekken for now :-P. Nina is a vampy brown creme that doesn't look black/almost black. although, for some reason it was showing up black in the pictures and i had to use flash. so sorry about it looking a bit weird, but at least it's more color-accurate.

i used two coats, almost one. the Konad is from disk m57 and i stamped it with Orly's Rage which worked really well, it was a little more gold in person than in the picture. and to seal it, i used China Glaze's Fast Forward top coat which didn't smear/shrink it at all, but i really recommend using it near an open window, or outside if you can. maybe it's because i'm a bit sensitive to smells, but it has a very strong scent to it.

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