January 4, 2010

MAC - Seriously Hip

EDIT: i just saw that my blog has comments! i thought it would automatically send me email notifications, so i didn't notice them until now. i set it up to notify me now, though. thank you to those who have commented, it really does make me happy that people like it enough to comment. especially since i'm a pretty new blogger :)

another color i got for Christmas! i really wanted this color, i went to a few different MAC counters and one store but none of them had it. after i opened it, my mom said she went to Macy's (i hadn't gotten to Macy's yet since i made a polish stop at Urban Outfitters) and got the last one they had. i was so excited to put it on! sorry for the not so good picture, it was the only one that came out right and i'm still trying to figure out what looks best.

i'm pretty sure this was in sunlight. i did one coat, but two would be better. Seriously Hip is a dark olive-gold with shimmer and various sized flakies. it looks gorgeous in the bottle, but once i put it on i was a little disappointed. it was darker than in the bottle, and there wasn't as many flakies as i thought there would be. but once i got out in the sun it looked much better! you could see more of the flakies and it was lighter. not quite as light as it is in the bottle, but it's still very pretty.


  1. I have this and I love it!

  2. I have it too and I really like it but it chips super fast even with good top coat :/